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Warlord SPQR Rules

Postby WingAttackPlan-R » Thu Feb 18, 2021 8:48 pm

Howdy gang!!
Although we don`t get a huge number of posts, the view counter registers there are plenty watching so I wanted to flag the latest hum-buggery from our chums at Warlord Games. This is of particular interest if you have the `SPQR` rules.
It was a matter of weeks when Warlord had to issue errata for `Cruel Seas` that was as many pages long as the original core rules.
This time they have had to re-write the rules for recently released `SPQR`. If you wish to bag a `free` copy, then you must buy one of their selectively chosen infantry box sets, and they will send you your `free` replacement rulebook as part of a `Redemption Scheme`. Scheme runs out in March 24th, so if you want to go on playing SPQR then you may or may not wish to do this.

Apparently, they are listening to feedback, and this seems like a good time to give them some.
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Re: Warlord SPQR Rules

Postby WingAttackPlan-R » Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:25 am

Having looked around, I see that Victrix do a much better deal on 28mm figures than Warlord. ... n-ancients

Bye-bye Warlord. :evil:
"Across the Federation, Federation experts agree that: A: God exists, B: He's on our side, C: He wants us to win."
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Re: Warlord SPQR Rules

Postby TomMcC » Sun Mar 14, 2021 2:31 pm

Thanks Ian.

I've not got or played SPQR, though I have played Cruel Seas. I'm not surprised there was errata for CS as I seem to recall things like a coastal merchant ship turning with a smaller circle than the MTB's. I have vague memories of some other bits being strange, but I only ever joined in one game.

Also not surprised at Warlord, as many have suspected they rush their rules and systems to production deadlines to sell the all important £50-100 starter boxes. I was quite critical of the typos and mistakes in the second edition of Black Powder when it came out, and it seemed like it had been rushed and badly proof-read.

It was quite funny watching the hype around the new '10mm' acw stuff that's out (I think it's actually 13mm or summat). A sprue came free with a magazine in January and it was soon on ebay fetching silly prices when the full range was available in February. I've not gone down that road.

Anyhoo, on another topic I had a chap up the road asking if anyone played Battlegroup and Northag. I thought of you chaps though you played some other set of rules. I'll direct him here if he's got an interest in modern stuff.

cheers for now,
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Re: Warlord SPQR Rules

Postby WingAttackPlan-R » Tue Mar 16, 2021 1:36 am

Hi Tom, hope all is well.
Steve and myself play `Seven Days to the River Rhine` from Great Escape Games and have found them to give good company level games for the Cold War Period. We play in 15mm, to use all those models we got for the terrible `Team Yankee` rules.
Battlegroup Northag looked to have really ropey and expensive models when released in 10mm, but I don`t know much about the rules, they might be worth a peruse.
You could direct the gentleman to this forum or the DWC facebook page. I`m very much into Cold War and I think Steve and I have lined-up a campaign for `Seven Days to the River Rhine` for whenever lockdown buggers off, I think we may also be playing Cold War stuff set in Africa courtesy of `Too Fat Lardies` rulesets, and Klavs has been working on a set of Cold War naval rules.
There has been a few Cold War things in and around the club in recent years, but usually from Steve or myself.
Cheers, Ian

PS- crystal clear and accurate critique on Warlord, Tom! I concur 100%!
"Across the Federation, Federation experts agree that: A: God exists, B: He's on our side, C: He wants us to win."
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Re: Warlord SPQR Rules

Postby maelmordha » Fri Apr 16, 2021 6:52 pm

Hi both,

A bit late but never mind.

Personally I won't be touching Northag. I think it had some reasonable reviews initially but has gone sour lately. The models are just terrible. The excuse was that the initial run was done by the "designer's nephew" because he was unavailable to do it himself.... and the quality suffered. The later stuff is just as bad. I also feel that 10mm has NO advantage over 15mm especially on price as the new plastic infantry are much cheaper and prettier than the 10mm equivelants, and did I already say that the 10mm tanks are just bloody awful. The WW2 Victrix 12mm tanks on the other hand.... Never mind I will print what I need in anycase in any scale.

There's supposed to be a new cold war system coming out of TFL at some point (I'm in the playtest group) but the initial version was basically a pile of junk. Written by a gamer not an rule writer and they weren't suitable for TFL. Now Big Rich has has a few words with him they might improve. Nothing yet though. Unfortunately Rich is also ill at the moment so not much will happen there for some time I suspect. He has too many deadline projects oozing out of his ears just now..

I have been close to writing my own set a number of times based on a more player friendly version of the Enola Games Combat Commander. It's doable but needs some time to complete. We'll see.

At the moment 7 Days to the River Rhine is the best of the bunch. They're extremely simple but give a deceptively good version of a Cold War battlefield. You have to play a balanced force or you'll lose. All the off table stuff is abstracted into cards. I have a Tabletop Simulator mod for it as well.

Here's the campaign that Ian was talking about. ... 1.pdf?dl=0

On the SPQR stuff. It's utter mince. I'm addicted to Infamy Infamy which is a bigger action but still skirmish level, it's bloody excellent. Check the Club FB page for some details of the games we're running on TTS at the moment.

I have also just bought the Warlord Victory at Sea rulebook. It's the same author as SPQR but it was originally written by Mongoose Publishing as - Victory at Sea. It's based on Babylon 5 A Call to Arms 2. The Warlord version is version 2 of the original with all of the community driven changes for the original built in. It's good, except I REALLY hate the Warlord ship models they're selling with it. They're far too expensive and the ship model sits on an ugly shoe. At least I can print the ones we need at 2400 or 1800.
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