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The cold 31st of January and Konigsberg

Postby maelmordha » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:20 am

Hi Peeps,

Guess who’s got a streaming cold? Yeah me. I was hoping to shift it by today but it’s not going to happen. Therefore, I won’t be at the club today. Can someone please let Brian know.

We can resume on Sunday February the 7th if that suits everybody.

Campaign results from game 1:

Soviet Win +1, (Victory tracker = 11);
Force morale Soviet 1: Germany 6. (the Germans discount 5 casualties);
German Losses: 7 killed, 1 Routed. (goes to 2 killed, 1 routed after Force Morale adjustment)
Germans lose 1 killed and have 1 convalescing from Scenario 2.

We’ll roll for Men’s opinion, CO’s opinion and own outlook on the 7th.

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