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Re: All's quiet on the Western Front

Postby roma912 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:10 pm

maelmordha wrote:Apologies for the late reply, I've been busy of late and this slipped my mind.

All mine are 28mm but I have a plethora of 20mm I refuse to look at just now. I have enough in 28mm to cover a number of armies, and most are painted. I can happily field both sides in 28mm and regularly put on multiple games. I have:
43-45 Heer, Blitzkrieg Heer including m/c, 44/45 Fallschirmjager, Japanese, Burmese British, Ghurkha, NW Europe British, RM Commandos, British Airborne, supplements for 1940 Brits, American Armoured infantry. 2 platoons of Soviets (1 SMG + 1 Rifle). All painted.

Unpainted I have:
2 platoons of FJ (early + late), 2 platoons of German grenadiers (smocks), 1 platoon of Soviet Riflemen, 2 platoons of US Airborne, 1 Platoon of NWE British with Tam o' Shanters. the Soviet unit is soon to be added to the painted pile.

I have 3 Pz38t, 2 PzIV H, 2 Panthers, 2 Marder IIs, 1 Lorraine Schlepper, 3 Hanomags, 1 PzJIV L/70, 1 88mm + tow, 2 PzIIs, 2 StuG 3s, Schwimmwagen, Tiger I, 1 SdKfz 222, 2 T34/85, 3 T34/76, 2 BT 7s, 1 BT 7A, 1 BA6, 1 JS2, 1 KV1, 1 KV2, 1 Churchill VII, 1 Churchill AVRE, 1 Churchill Crocodile, 1 WASP, 1 M3 Stuart, 4 M3 Grants, 1 Matilda II, 3 Jeeps (2 SAS), 2 Cromwells, 3 Sherman Vs, 1 Firefly, 1 Daimler A/C, 1 AEC III, 3 Halftracks (M5), 3 US M4A4, 1 Ho-Ro, 1 Chi-Ha, 1 Kai Shinhoto Chi-Ha, 1 Ha-Go. The vast majority are painted but require weathering.

Guns - lots. Support - lots. Terrain - shed loads and growing at a rapid rate.

As you can see I have enough invested to cover most stuff I'm likely to put on and I actually enjoy painting 28mm which I cant say for 20mm. I have some other reasons for not going down the 20mm route for CoC but I'd rather not go there :)

I have been looking at 20mm for IABSM! though.

I have no problems at all in setting up a game for someone if they want to try CoC out, whether I'm playing or not. I have an even bigger estate to carry stuff in now.....

That is an impressive array of kit for a platoon sized game.

I have British for NW Europe, British Paras and a range on vehicles similar to the Brits above in 20mm. I also have Late War Panzer Grenadiers in smocks, again with a similar array of vehicles as above. All painted in technicolor colours :D

North Africa - 8th Army and DAK, plus a few vehicles. All undercoated waiting on the off for painting.

Would be interested in a game at some point, next couple of months are not looking too good at present .Will consult the oracle (calendar) and let you know.

Your reasons for not doing this in 20mm are indeed your own and I can have my guesses as to what they might be... ;)

IABSM is interesting, not sure if I have quiet enough painted for this though :lol:

Cheers, Ross
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Re: All's quiet on the Western Front

Postby maelmordha » Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:52 am

Thanks Ross,

I really like the 28mm figures if truth be told. All of my figures are different and some models are just glorious. I've had most of my 20mm collection for almost 20 years and they need work..... a lot of it. I still have boxes full of unbuilt kits as well.

Anyway I have everything for everything and can provide whatever is needed to put on a game. Just let me know whenever you have time and what you want to try out.

Here's some CoC eye candy from Mark Luther's games. He's playing my Pyawbwe campaign which I published on the CoC FB site. It's the same one we played a couple of years ago at the club. Unfortunately it looks like his opponent doesn't really know what the pointy end of a rifle is for.

Campaign: ... -cmha?dl=0

Game -1 ... 508449034/
Game -2 ... 564838564/

Big Rich has also offered to publish my Serafimovich campaign which I'm running at the club just now so we'll see what comes of that.
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Re: All's quiet on the Western Front

Postby maelmordha » Sun Aug 13, 2017 4:00 pm

Sunday 20th August, 47 RMC make PLUTO possible. An impossible job but that's what Commandos do every day.......

Ian B - I've set this up for Sunday. ... y.pdf?dl=0

I still need to do some more work if I ever want to get it published but it will work as a taster for CoC. The commandos are so elite they're harder than diamond but you don't get a lot :)
There are 2 scenarios in there at the moment, so you can choose whether to attack or defend. You get your basic platoon plus 6 points from the support list regardless of which scenario you pick. The way the list works is that something from list 2 costs you 2 Support points. Something from List 3 costs you 3 Support points. Simple enough.

The Germans get the corresponding Support points stated in the scenario, but adjusted according to the difference in the Force Ratings (since theirs is less than the commandos). So for the first scenario they'd get 3 from the scenario plus 8 for the difference in ratings (+7 vs -1) for a total of 11. In Scenario 5 they'd get 20!

You're commandos are tough but they need to be. :twisted:

Enjoying this already........ 8-)
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Re: All's quiet on the Western Front

Postby WingAttackPlan-R » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:37 am

Looking forward to Sunday.
"Per Mare, Per Terram"

Cheers, Ian
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Re: All's quiet on the Western Front

Postby roma912 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:47 pm

Might try and make a visit to see this in action. What time are you starting at?
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Re: All's quiet on the Western Front

Postby maelmordha » Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:14 pm

Apologies, missed this. You made it anyway :)

There will be 2 more games on Sunday 3rd September. Battle of the Sunflowers campaign game 7 for both the Italian and German ladders.
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