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Team Yankee:Iron Maiden. The British are Coming

Postby WingAttackPlan-R » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:06 pm

The most splendiferous news from Team Yankee is the upcoming release of `Iron Maiden`; the British arrive with Chieftain, Striker, Abbot, and Harrier, among others.

Not had a chance to play Team Yankee yet, but I know there`s a few interested at DWC and DWARF, and the basic rules certainly read a lot better than Flames of War. From my reading of the Team Yankee core rules some good lessons have been taken learnt from Flummaries of Flum-Flum.
The engagement ranges would still make more sense in 6mm over 15mm, but hey-ho.
The Brits look like they pack a wallop with `Stillbrew` option for Chieftain, and the various ways of deploying the Milan ATGW.
Going Airmobile with Lynx is also an option, as is the option of fielding Scorpion or Scimitar in recce units.
Support is offered by Abbot 105mm or M109 155mm guns, along with infantry in battle taxis, MANPADS, and other aspects of the combined arms battlegroup.

Back in time for tea and medals
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