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Krankie Yankee

Postby WingAttackPlan-R » Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:59 pm

In my post-Hogmanay haze I realized that with both Team Yankee and Team Krankie threads running, we should have a thread where direct comparisons can be made between the two.
As we are yet to have a game of either, my initial thought is how kind it is for the inhabitants of Lard Island to gear their rule set to the models you have already accumulated for Team Yankee. Without a model range to plug, Too Fat Lardies have thoughtfully written force lists very much organised along the lines of those you have spent so much money on when acquiring Battlefront miniatures for Team Yankee.
An uncommon kindness in the gaming world, well done all concerned! :D

Not to be left out, may I also congratulate Wafflefront on their up-coming `Oil Wars` supplement to Team Yankee, which opens up a Mid-East front and sees the west backing Saddam Hussein`s Iraq against Soviet backed Iran, allowing NATO and Warpac formations to support their respective allies.
The Israelis pop-up in all this, their Merkava tanks and Pereh missile tank are going to cost me mo`money.

Israel`s secret Pereh missile tank.
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