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Turn 2 - Battle of the Probes

Postby maelmordha » Thu Aug 02, 2012 8:53 pm

Hmmmm..... this on could almost be called a diplomatic incident but it hard to say for sure. Probes, saucers, rubber chickens and asteroids, where to start?

The Vree got wind of a convoy of anti probe devices that were system bound from the 'diplomatic' station Babylon 5 and decided to do something about it. The ISA have made claims that it was a diplomatic mission but who know what to believe as the 'truths' that come out of B5 are seldom simple ones.

It all started with a convoy of 4 freighters and a single liner being escorted by 5 White Stars. As the Convoy negotiated an open asteroid field on the fringes of Dividius system a distant contact appeared on long range scanners and White Stars 2 an 4 were sent to investigate. The Xill Saucer that targetted both White Stars as they approached was swiftly dealt with by White Star 4s Neutron laser that practically sliced the saucer in half.

vreeISA1.png (886.21 KiB) Viewed 4787 times

As the White Stars closed for th kill it became obvious that this was a decoy as a number of Vree torpedo saucers appeared from spinward well within range of the vulnerable convoy. White Star 1 moved to intercept whilst White Stars 3 and 5 made haste to join him. White Stars 2 and 4 broke off their engagement with the now crippled Xill and made maximum speed back to the convoy and the incoming Vree ships. It was all too late for some of the freighters as explosions started to blossom from 2 of the frieghters and the Liner crippling all 3 ships. White Star 1 got a single damaging hit on one of the torpedo saucers as it joined its companions as they entered hyperspace and safety.

VreeISA2.png (1.86 MiB) Viewed 4787 times

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