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Figures for sale

Postby TomMcC » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:18 pm

I am selling off quite a lot of figures over the next few months. Here's a list so far. Let me know if you might be interested in anything before they head for ebay.

15mm Ancients - see here for pics,
Philistine - 20 chariots, 320 infantry and 4 mounted
Seljuk Turk - 105 mounted
Mongol - 115 mounted and 32 infantry

15mm - unpainted, undercoated and based.
Ancient Spanish - 224 foot and 3 mounted command.

10mm Marburian - unpainted, undercoated and based.
French - 320 infantry, 44 mounted, 4 guns with limbers, 3 generals
British - 312 infantry, 40 mounted, 4 guns with limbers, 2 generals

28mm Marlburian Danish - see here for pics, ... chive.html
125 infantry, 28 cav and 4 guns - all painted.

And much more to clear out as I get them organised. I'll post more in a week or two.
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